Monday, November 5, 2007


Fats can be defined as the basic nutrients composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms and oxygen. They are an important source of calories. One gram of fat supplies 9 calories, more than twice the amount of calories we get from carbohydrates or protein. They are needed for the proper functions of cells, insulation of body organs against shock, maintenance of body temperature, and needed for healthy skin and hair Fat also is needed to carry and store essential fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamins A and D. The body does not manufacture certain fatty acids (termed essential fatty acids) but fat is found in many foods. Some of the fat that we eat comes from the fat we add in cooking or spread on breads, vegetables or other foods. A lot of fat is hidden in foods that we eat as snacks, pastries or prepared meals. Fat is importan to the body but taking too much fat can lead to weight problem and certain desease. A well balanced diet is needed to avoid thease problem

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