Thursday, November 8, 2007

Source and function Vitamins And Minerals

Vitamin A:-
Important for a good Vision, growth, cell reproduction (cell reproduction are important for healthy skin and recovery)
Source: - Eggs, dark green vegetables, fruits, fish oil, Liver, and dairy product.

Vitamin D :-

Absorption of calcium, bones and teeth health
Source: - Milk, morning sunlight, cod oil, cerial.

Vitamin E :-
Antioxidant, defense from cell damage.
Source: - Seeds, green leafy vegetables, Vegetables Oil, nuts.

Vitamin K :-
Blod clotting
Source: - Eggs, Vegetables, Cereal

Vitamin C :-
cell reproduction, Wound healing, bones health
Source: - Vegitables, Fruits (such as Oranges)

Calcium :-
Building bones, and for muscle and nerve systems
Source: - leafy green vegetables, seafood, dairy product

Iron :-
formation of red blod cells( hemoglobin) that carries oxygen to the cells
Source: - Red meat, green vegetables, fruits.

Potassium: -
Nerve function and muscle health (avoid muscle cramp)
Source: - Fruits such as banana, Vegetables fish and milk.

Zinc :-
Cell reproduction, growth and repair
Source: - Meat, grains, seafood.

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